Tuesday, June 24, 2014

American Soul Divine

How sweet you are American soul divine.
Immoral and sinful in every imaginable way as you safely hang from your corrupted web.
Your glass jaw’s clenched down to the vein like a greedy masturbator and I rush to shatter it with
my ravenous and worn out fists.

A hypocritical smile for everyone you mask up.  Handshake~money exchange~billions raked in profit. Business celebrations ~ juggernauts flaunting their hubris forcefully erect over caviar pearl and morning champagne.
I see your eyes ~ they never deceive your acquisitive motives and the others' demise.
American soul divine
your mother’s milk has aged and soured to your children’s taste.

Poor man’s meal waits for digging out when the pangs are unbearable and dignity a disposable veneer.
Trashcan dinner cold and low while the affluent walk past
                                          with blinders on.

Wrapped in a constant scheme ~ your tongue masterfully betrays.
As a word is forgotten and a love indiscreetly betrayed so your children suffer and our struggle remains.
How bittersweet you are American soul divine.

Victor Millan

Thursday, June 5, 2014


And there it was ~

I found my soul wandering alone through the ruins of the lost city wondering what’d happened to everything he knew. And it was me returning to my birthplace; a sort of homecoming to the highlands and the cold mountains breathing further and higher than my eyes will ever find. Back to the homegrown leaf and the earth she fell in love with.

And she changed like a dream and there I saw myself in the body of another man adorned in fine, colorful clothes and indigo gold. Also a scepter or a staff and a dark feathered headdress ~ reminders of prophecies when she spoke of collective lineage and a moment in time.
I saw in front of me the leader of a people ~ all so beautiful and proud. I felt the breeze running through my hair shaking the old ghosts uncomfortably out of joint,