Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Coffee-House Trailmix Peoples Like The Benetton Ads But Not. Peoples Reading, Catching Up On Gossip, Killing Time, Drinking Something Warm, Doing School-work, Putting A Final Touch On The Poem To Be.
There’s A Line Waiting To Go Urinate The Anxiety Out Before The Show And There’s One Guy Standing Ahead Of Me Staring Sweaty Eyes At The Doorknob. Bathroom Satire On The Painted Walls Ease My Character When I Finally Get In. Scratched Mirrors Meet Worn Strangers- Mexican Blue Walls Shake My Drought. Hope My Tea’s Hot n Ready When I Get Out.
Piss On The Rim By Accident For A Little Good Luck And It Seems Like I’m Not The Only One In Need Of A Bit Of Fortune Tonight.
Microphone Stand Leaning To One Side Like A Lazy Bastard But Providing Much Needed Moral Support Hiding Nervous Hand Shaking Tells. Provocative College Girls Hanging W/The Usual Riff Raff.
Laying The Raff.

Lemon Tea
Or Was It Chamomile I Asked The Man In The Apron For?
I Forgot Already And My Ups Is Not Up Yet.
The Herbs - The Aromatic Herbs Chasing Most Of Our Embattled Nerves Away. You Gotta Love Them When They Serve You Up And Leave You To Guard The Stage Holding Your Gut And Soul For Everything You've Got. Meanwhile, The Stories Get Sold.

I Wrote A Poem On The Way Here But This Is Not It.
This Is Me Zoning Out The Ramblings Of A Poor Old Bastard Which Are Boring The Shit Out Of Me. So With Pen In Hand I Jot Some Ideas Down Ignoring His Old, Worn Out Voice And The Freezing Wind Blowing In Through The Left-Open Door.
Somebody Wuz Born In A Barn.

Bent Paperclips Bouncing   ~   Lost Behind The Cemetery   ~
Nasal Spray Addict  ~ Topogiggio  ~

Scale The Ladder And The Sweaty Fish   ~   Acid Bomb   ~   Popsicle Cell Anemia   ~ The Birth Of A New And Improved Politico Figure   ~  Money Politico  ~
Tired Honeybee   ~   Old Ideas Traded For Pocket Lint  ~
Petrified To The T, Mr.  ~

After A Couple Of Minutes Of Thinking I Was Something Special I Looked Up Through My Hair And My Ego And He Was Still Going On Aimlessly W/His Story.

I Know, Let’s Masturbate!

Victor Millan

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