Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dead in Pearls

The solemn griffin. The baroness dead in pearls.
The witch w/the hands that shape the winds.
It’s all the same.
Poetry macabre in the end.

Victor Millan

Friday, May 17, 2013

Glamour Girls

Glamour girls dance their vaginal best and they get so curvy down when the hand is full of cash and their breasts are being slaved on and caressed.

Rum and Raven understand what my deal is and I get turned on by their phreak-on vibrations; but baby dolls don’t wanna get left out of the rhythm and sweaty grind either so they shout it up out of control and they love me through the heartbeat and my cold soul. Man, what a scene of perversion and wrongs. In my bathroom – gunning it on the sink shaking pictures breaking sounds. In the balcony with a green bandanna making it easy for Rum t’see the sky bracing for her screams. In the style of the dogs. In the gutters of my mind. In her salty meat that told me she was prime time 1969 as we went for that last rainy mile fortifying the loaded roars of thunder glassing up our pouring night.

And I pushed that final button best as I could and spent the evening my way.

Later hours as I was stepping out I looked in my floor mirror to confess my regrets and saw the feathers passed out in her sinful hands – the cabs were going by outside on their cold, secret roads to Crosstown and I flagged the odd one down and got in the backseat. I was addicted to their wine; the rain had stopped long enough for me to sit back in my seat and take note of the pulse and again pretend my memories of perfumed slaves and angels and the evils we’d done had not skinned another layer of my thin self.

Victor Millan

Thursday, May 9, 2013

With My Back to the Stars

After the last pulsing thrust. In my shining moment with my head in the sky, in mid-orgasm, I felt her cloudy eyes washing over the length of my brown chest down to my sweaty line. The entire performance was quite inviting and delightfully lewd.
But at one point her eyes drifted away for a split second and that’s when I penetrated her castle walls.

In the process I said ~

“Lady of the marble face,
 forgive my thrust-worthy intrusion but your tulips are exceptional and mouthwatering.”

She just winked at me ~ and the orgasm returned.

in the evening too
with my back to the stars
i sometimes think back and see that her timing
couldn't have been better.

Victor Millan