Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Rose

A single red rose was set aside especially for her.
 It stood out from thousands in the garden and was given
 as a symbol of my immortal love.

It was unique and beautiful
                       just as she was.

On the day of her death
 a single red rose was set aside and burned to ashes to our memories and to her gods.
 It was one in a breath of thousands but hers was the only light
 that gave me rhyme and gave me life.

It was unique and beautiful
                       just as she was.

Victor Millan

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Whenever words come out of his mouth his arms thrash and flail the air like severing bullwhips teaching the air how it feels to kiss the sharp breeze w/a dangerous tease.
He jumps up and down like a toad that has just lost his mind wording the stories he was told as a young child when the world was but memories old.
(The world it was hot and then it was cold.)
And the people lacking sunshine laugh at his only facade ~ the one that was perpetually sad.

Every once in a while he got a pain to his knees and he cried in the bathroom, sitting on the floor rubbing them until they felt well. And the other kids ran up and down the stairs but some of their deeds would never agree with what their parents taught them. He heard all the kids laughing in various degrees from their guiltiness and misdeeds.
And his world was old.
And his stories were bold that he told the likes of we.

My, Winston sure is gifted.

No one, not one heard a word he said but they were impressed with the frog and the arms and all they could see.
The pain to his knees commanding a kneel.
His various degrees ever surreal.

Victor Millan

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pull a Jesus

When the word spills out it bursts like a cornucopian gold rush,
maddening to the infected & addicted brain and with a burning fever the crazy wheels keep turning it over mind to hand.
And you have to use it right there and then ‘cause when the energy dies
it dies.

One just has to hope that it'll pull a Jesus.
You know~

3rd day

that whole “coming back from the dead” deal.

December 25, 1998
Victor Millan