Thursday, August 20, 2015



Absolute Census
The High-Tech Sector
Digital Line Tapping ~ Covert Missions ~ Hacking The Wire
Intelligence Organizations Bigger Than Big Brother Interactively
Communicating The Directions Of Global Affairs
The Leading Men Whether We Like It Or Not
Controlling The Press, The Chip & The Airewaves, Commerce
Control Of Censorship
The Newstates Of America’s Been Realized
The Manic Lens All Around Close-Up
Zoom Into The Eyedentification
CCTV Your Moment For The Records
DNA In The Processing File
Download In The Component Wireless
Track You By The Numbers Fiber-Net Style
Nanosecond Nanofractal Broadbandwidth Biometrics Etcetera
Banking Negative Your Profit/Prophet
Regulation Of The Export / Import Monies
Religion’s A Tool To Herd The Masses
Occupied Pacified Filling Charlatan’s Pockets With The Currency You Need
Distorted Truths And You Swallow It All The Same
Rational Science Explains God To A T

Tuesday, August 11, 2015