Saturday, March 24, 2012

Three Brothers Rock

Timeless emotion on the faces of the three brothers rock. Faithful keepers of the painted
cloth and the book of myths.
Winter desert gales centuries old shaped their stoical faces into the mold and stone decay
they commandingly portray.
The winds ~
it was the winds that made them happen.

From several miles above ~
the others exist alone in the middle of absolutely nothing but control everything around
them. Eyes like a knife on the universe
they mumble the electrodes back and forth between minds.

The Sun And Moon
Keep Their Struggle In The Sky,
But When They Sex The Tempest ~
They Draw Me In. *

They wait for one to come and unravel the scrolls and feed their platinum eyes.
They wait for one to come and decipher the paint and tell the tale.
Centuries old  ~  the myths

and the paint.

Jan. 13, ‘98 – Mar. 6, ‘00
Victor Millan
*(the sun and moon keep their struggle in the sky, but when they sex the tempest ~ they draw me in)

Artwork by Eddy Millan
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