Tuesday, December 22, 2015

In The Silence

We yearn for a quiet evening under the stars
To be free, naked, and alone.
To dance in the silence of the night.

To forget the progress of a tomorrow
We’ll never see.

The stars’ve come to their knees
Hoping to attain wisdom.

I’ll please the gods
This day.

Victor Millan

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

In my Rearview Mirror

Bad luck on the penultimate European car for taking it to the limit with the dirty American beast when he had a Yield coming off the off-ramp; and then pulling back at the last pussywillow testicular second only to get rear-ended ass up by the distracted cigarette sunglasses tailgating him in a smashingly plastic and smoking coolant rage.
Also, two women working their makeup to no difference almost hit my car on the way home today. Not counting the Yield imbecile having a breakdown.

I wonder what was up with Karma and Energy today.
Why were things so off with their angels letting them down this fine afternoon?

Victor Millan