Friday, October 11, 2013

Those Days

Curse these days.
Curse me and my unpleasant company.
My complacency.
Damn my ignorance.

Victor Millan

Monday, October 7, 2013

About Eric

I don’t know why you keep contact w/this guy.
Why you let him breathe on you. Manipulate you.
Obstruct you. Break you.
Why you let him touch your body the way no one should.
He’s nothing. Not even dirt. At least good things can grow from dirt. With him, you plant a seed and his cancer immediately overtakes and infects you.

His tweaked out pornomania might be enticing and hot for a good laugh or a quick erection, but what more can he give you except a faceful of shit during his paranoid crack sessions. Did I say shit? I meant a faceful of fist.
Look inside yourself. I mean really look at the angels of your guard and tell me why you wasted even 2 seconds on this waste of skin.
Why you didn’t kill his fat ass when you had the chance.

You should’ve  .  .  .  ahhh forget it. You don’t listen anyhow.

Victor Millan