Friday, September 27, 2013

Ultravox Netherworld

Watching master television w/lingering allurement triggers a hungry static that brings a steady growth to the Sunda moss and the thick, rubbery channels networking my brain.
An electric charge bridging mirrors and defining my realities ~
And I sink in.
Sink deep within myself to the maddening majesties of the hypnotic snow and the constant background noise.
The voice.
The noise so unapologetically cracking; capturing the bits of psyche left-over from the echoes of my waking dreams.
And I sink deep. Deeper than my hidden sins and she says . . .

Welcome my friend,
Teevee retreat for king, yes
Tv retreat my friend
Tv re-treat you stay.

And I thought about her sweet madness intoxicating the insides of my bones. One last time I thought about her calming solitude and this netherworld which I guess I’ll have to call home.
My home.

Victor Millan 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Farewell Tumi

Hypnotic waters run free within my essence picking up speed and the hair of the witch along the way to the dark, cold mouth kissing an ever-anxious death on the teeth. Rampant within my veins they rush, crashing against my jagged anger and making nothing of it. Swept along by the ankles, I drown in their racing currents as my body ultimately surrenders to a dismal and moribund highway.
And then come the chilling sensations of the last moments of life.

Now awake your haunting lives for a glimpse of the past.
Pour the sweet wine in my chalice so I’ll never be late when you call. I love you love me but misery has other plans for the energies of we.
A young queen of the Nile contemplates suicide while the others sing to her life and bargained gods anew.
My love has departed to her thousand lifetimes; exhausted and missing my keep, I follow in suit.

Look to the heavens through a pleading blindfold and petition forgiveness from the Righteous One. A last prayer precedes the targeted gunshots ~ fusillade breaking the air and finding sweet amen. My head slumps, the urine trickles, and the accordions play their heavy notes for my names under a sunlight no longer mine.