Friday, July 12, 2013

Me and Them

I feel obese and uncomfortably bloated. Also a bit indignant and resentful.
Out of shape. Out of touch. Outta cool. Much too weak for competition ~ the way the bulls do it.
I feel like a loose, fat, blubbery side of tit. Like an oily waste of skin.
Something I don’t wanna be.
Double-chinned and wasted.
So unlike me.

Too lazy or too tired to work out.
I feel let down ~ Out in the gutter.
In the middle of my sloth period. The Bluebird at his darkest.
I don’t even feel like writing this bullshit.
I don’t wanna do anything except dull my mind, overeat and go to bed w/out brushing my crooked teeth. Stay under the sheets all day long w/my farts and my sock lint and do absolutely nothing while the world has its way with me.
Waste my time like everyone else does but waste it my way.

This apathy. This shit mood.
This is what they do to me.

This is what I need?
Fuck! people.
Fuck! her.
We’ll touch on her later, right now I feel looked over and past due.
In the wrong place @ the wrong time w/the right skill ~