Monday, November 10, 2014

Pigs o’ Politics

The world begins and the world shuts down and dies again but the pigs of politics do not end it from their corrupt perch or anywhere else they might dare to heave their dirty pulse. They thrive in excess by manipulating their own kin and labor their whole lives making coin and perfecting both the art of mangled loyalty and the art of the perfected backstab.
These pigs are always stroking erect and in focus quenching to a drown their immoral thirst.
They are unethical profiteers damned until death by their adulterous shortsightedness.
They’re leaders only in name to a world of whimsy and anger and half-dumb, self-centered, tv-dinner fools.

It’s all an unnatural process
in a natural world.

Victor Millan

Rumsfeld / Saddam
The Handshake